New AquaBlog project

And we started :) after several php projects for some portal I've decided to do something else :)
Something called aquablog, which should be world-wide-multi-language blog for aquarium owners, with blog, mesurements and many many more... Idea is simple and I hope it will be a blast. We see if market needs such thing :)

Main case is that I have to create my own server, buy domain and so on. My plan is simple - start hosting blog on my own, if it will be popular I'll buy something later, now we go on minimal costs :)

The idea started far, far ago. Last year in september. I even started to write some code, create database etc.. but I was not satisfied and didn't have enough time. Now new project starts, version 2.0. I hope that will see some website around end of September... time will show...

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